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WordPress started in 2003, and in the years following, established itself as a blogger’s dream. Easy navigation and minimal knowledge of coding required. Many other products emerged promising to improve on WordPress’s idea, but WordPress reigned as the gold standard for open-source content management systems (CMS). What followed was a bit of a game changer in the web development world.

Traditionally, you had your developer, and your designer. Your developer was this guy, and your designer was this gal. But WordPress empowered designers by allowing them to steal the missing puzzle piece required to build a beautiful website themselves, especially with the introduction of plug-ins (more on those later). I do not want to discredit developers for a second, their role has simply evolved away from simple web development.

A WordPress plug-in is the solution to many of my web development hurdles. Basically, some noble developer has already done the hard part for us, and I’m not talking about the basic blogging tools that WordPress has offered for over 10 years. Plug-ins go beyond, and create third party addons for WordPress that allow you to add functionalities, and further improve your website without any knowledge of APIs or CSS coding (though CSS can help get even more out of certain plugins). There are plugins for adding a shopping cart, twitter feed, contact us form, Sign-in with Facebook, and hundred of other things. Most conversations I have with a new client, contains “Yes, there is probably a plug-in for that” at least once. Every time we use a plug-in, our client saves money versus coding something from scratch, or using an API.

New Wave uses a variety of developers. We select the right developer for the right job, but more and more often, those developers are specializing in WordPress, so I hope this helps explain the reasoning behind agencies advocation for WordPress.


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