About Us

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love

Louis Khan

New Wave has always had a different philosophy on how an agency should serve their customers. We strive to grow with our clients, and see them to the next stage of their business. We want to succeed with a smaller number of key clients, versus an aggressive growth, high volume, sales driven strategy. Bringing the concept of boutique service to the digital realm ensures dedication, responsibility, and accountability to every aspect of our work.

By intentionally staying small, we avoid costs that larger agencies forcefully pass on to their customers, all whilst providing a much more personal experience. Struck with a great design idea you want to discuss at midnight? Give us a call! We don’t mind (we’re all night owls anyways).

Team Members

Why Choose Us?


While perfectionism is not always a desirable quality, when it comes to your project, it certainly is. We have an eye for detail, and are often a step ahead of our clients when it comes to new ideas, improvements, and changes.

We're Punctual

We provide timelines, and stick to them. Working within your budget, and meeting your expectations is of utmost importance to us, and we understand that a huge part of this is providing great results, on time.

Our diversity

We hire the right people for the right job. Part of our structure allows for on-boarding workers who have experience creating specifically for your industry. Travel agent looking to rebuild a website? Our developer has done that before, probably within the past month, and can do it again, quickly, and effectively.